Time to dance

It’s not long before a handsome young man asks you to dance. Laughing, you let yourself be swept away. He’s quite talented! The rhythm pounds in your stomach as he takes the lead, swings you around, and throws you high into the air. There is an intensity in his whole demeanour and face that quickly becomes too much for you. Several times you try to break away, but it’s as if the music itself is forcing you into the dance.

“What do you think you’re doing, Frederick?” someone shouts angrily, and a moment later, you end up in the arms of another beautiful man, who whirls you around to rhythms that make your heart beat faster.

Another change brings you back into Frederick’s arms. “She’s dancing with me now, Luca. You can wait, but I can’t take it anymore.”

You have no idea what they’re talking about, and the blood in your veins throbs in time to the strings and winds of a classical ballet, driving you faster and higher in Frederick’s arms.

Then Luca’s arms enclose you again and you finally get a rest. Panting, you press yourself against his chest. Sweat trickles down your back and conflicting melodies drone in your head.

“Please.” Frederick’s hand closes around your wrist, but this time you resist him.

“No!” Both men look at you in amazement. You’re quite amazed you got that out as well. “I’ll decide who I dance with.”

Take the Prince Charming test to find out which of the princes in this enchanted club is your Prince Charming. Once you’ve chosen you’ll have to break the curse, but be careful. It might break you.

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