A lake?

Just before you reach the bottom of the stairs, you notice the unusual music that blends seamlessly with the melodic tinkling of the leaves. The sounds are almost ethereal, but each note strikes a different chord within you and sets your nerves vibrating. The bass throbs in your stomach, and you can hardly resist the urge to bob along.

While you’re still wondering which artist you’ve been missing all these years, the forest opens up to reveal an underground lake that takes up almost the entire room. And as if that were not enough, you also discover a shiny black castle on the other shore. Imposing, it rises up beyond the lake, almost as if the ground above it doesn’t exist.


The enchanting view of DeModie

You stand there for several minutes, stunned and unable to take your eyes off the battlements. How can this be real?

It’s not until a laughing couple bumps into you, you notice the dancers gliding weightlessly over the pond. You realise you’ve fallen victim to an optical illusion. What you thought was water is in fact a mirror-smooth dance floor, while the boats are actually small seating areas. The castle, on the other hand, is merely part of the masterfully crafted back wall where the bar and DJ are located.

Do you join the dance or do you get a drink first?