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Spirit Seeker Series


Nature spirits have ravaged the world with natural disasters for millennia. They’re dangerous, unpredictable, and largely invisible. After eight years living on the streets, Rika is one of the few people in the world that can see them. Most of the time, she keeps a fragile peace with them, but when the Erlking, a powerful storm sprite, attacks Berlin, Rika is drawn into the war against nature.
She joins the spirit seekers, a group of elite soldiers trained to defend Berlin and other cities around the world from nature’s wrath. Currently bereaved of their acting commander, the spirit seekers look to Rika to be their eyes, but when Rika befriends a young sylph, she isn’t even sure she wants to fight spirits. Her hand is forced when she comes face to face with the Erlking though, an incident that can have only one possible outcome: her death.

Join the Spirit Seekers in their first, stormy adventure and start your European journey today!

available as:

  • print on demand paperback
  • ebook (mobi, epub)
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Time to Remember

When the Canterbury Earthquakes destroyed their city, Natalie and her friends were only ten years old. Too old to forget, but too young to be heard, they have never told their stories. Until now.

Ten years after the earthquakes, Natalie returns to her home town with a plan. To show how the earthquakes shaped her generation, she wants to curate her fellow students’ stories into a special edition of the student magazine. Her project is well-received by all, but one: her self-proclaimed nemesis Josh. From the start, Josh goes out of his way to get the project cancelled. Natalie is determined to see her vision through, yet when she finally uncovers the reason behind Josh’s actions, she finds herself questioning everything she’s been working towards.

‘Time to Remember is a compelling narrative underpinned with the lived experience of the author and her peers. Readers will easily empathise with the trials and triumphs of the characters while the generation that grew up over the past ten years in Canterbury will recognise themselves within these pages. This well-researched novel beautifully captures that magical time at the beginning of adulthood when relationships are tested and world views are tilted.’ – Sarina Dickson, author of The Worrybug series.

available as:

  • (signed) paperback
  • print on demand paperback
  • ebook (mobi, epub)
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Witching with Dolphins

Harper’s best friend Valerie is everything she is not: beautiful, confident, and the most powerful witch on Banks Peninsula. Together, they run the coffee shop »La Petite Sorcière« and keep the balance between magic, people, and the environment. It’s an honour for Harper to be Valerie’s sidekick, if only they weren’t in love with the same man: dolphin whisperer Ethan.

Friends before magic (or boys) has always been their prerogative, but their determination to hold onto it is tested when a local scientist finds out about their secret and makes Valerie a tempting offer. Harper’s envy and feelings of inferiority lead to a massive fall-out between the two friends that might put both their lives at risk. Yet, when push comes to shove, Harper is willing to give up everything for her friend: Ethan, her life, or even the little magic she has.

Set in Akaroa Harbour, this witchy novella takes you on a magical trip of swimming with the dolphins. It is a story about love, the ocean, and most importantly, friendship.

available as:

  • (signed) paperback
  • print on demand paperback
  • Kindle ebook

Short Stories

Avoiding the Rush

This is the third anthology of Halloween stories from the pumpkin-master himself, the Trickster! Our tricky theme this year ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ means for each of the 7 sins, we’ve gathered a crop of 7 spooky stories of 700 words each, giving you a real treat of 49 short stories! All proceeds this year go to Charity: Water. Artwork by horror writer and artist Greg Chapman, and edited by an international lineup of 2 co-editors and 7 sub editors (one for each ‘sin’) and assisted by Steve Dillon from ‘Things in the Well’.

Witching with Baby Dolphins

in: Jingle Spells

A mysterious child is spotted swimming far from the beach. A woman searches for a ghost in a blacked out hospital. One witch introduces her lover to her family, while another takes care of a magicaholic baby dolphin in her boyfriend’s absence. A young man bonds with his pet eel, and yarnbombers accidentally summon something otherworldly.

Jingle Spells is a collection of fun, quirky, and witchily magical Christmas stories. If you like weird and wonderful supernatural scenarios, cozy mysteries and a dash of sweet romance, you’ll love this Christmas short story collection.

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