Information for NZ Booksellers

If you want to stock books by Janna Ruth, please contact me via the form below.

Current titles available:

  • Time To Remember, ISBN: 978-0-473-54489-8 (Sales Sheet – Booksellers, pdf)
  • Witching with Dolphins, ISBN: 978-0-473-53973-3
  • A Force of Nature, Spirit Seeker Book 1, ISBN: 978-0-473-57795-7
  • Natural Enemies, Spirit Seeker Book 2, ISBN: 978-0-473-58854-0 
  • Back to Nature, Spirit Seeker Book 3, ISBN: 978-0-473-59760-3
  • Against Human Nature, Spirit Seeker Book 4, ISBN: 978-0-473-60399-1
  • Natural Disaster, Spirit Seeker Book 5, ISBN: 978-0-473-60403-5

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