Have you ever been to The DeModie, the mystical nightclub of “Melody of a Curse“? No? Well, here you can experience the book before you read.

Will you find your dream prince? Can you break the curse? Find out and choose your own adventure!


Welcome! It’s a beautiful, gentle summer evening. The night is still young, and you and your friends are not ready to turn in yet. The street ahead of you is full of revellers coming out of one of the clubs and moving on to the next.

As you ponder where you will spend the next few hours, a small nightclub catches your eye. You can’t put your finger on what caught your eye about it. Between the two giant clubs next door, the closed metal door seems almost inconspicuous. And yet the promising sign above it, “The DeModie”, draws you in.

Just when you’ve convinced yourself that the club is probably closed, two girls walk purposefully towards the door. You don’t see whether they ring a bell or maybe knock, but the door opens inwards and closes once more behind them.

Your curiosity is peaked. You don’t even care if your friends follow you or not. This little club promises a unique experience, and you’re not someone to say no to an adventure. Confidently, you approach the door.

Tonight, you’re male, female, or non-binary?