The door opens and a young man steps out. There is something mischievous about his smile that immediately appeals to you. When you ask him about the entrance fee, he answers: “There’s none. It’s always ladies’ night here.”

With an inviting gesture, he makes room for you, and you step into a dark hallway. It takes a while for your eyes to adjust to the darkness, but then you spot something glittering further ahead. Cautiously, you descend the stairs until you suddenly stop in amazement. In front of you a forest of gold and silver trees extends, so bright your eyes immediately begin to water. A gentle breeze causes the fragile leaves to rustle against each other, causing a soft tinkle.

What you thought were leaves on a silver branch suddenly turn out to be a swarm of butterflies with equally metallic wings. As they rise into the air, new leaves sprout from the bare branch in an instant. A golden-winged hummingbird buzzes from flower to flower, drinking their nectar. Where the nectar drips onto the ground, filigree moss grows. It is so so delicate even the lightest touch of your fingers makes it give way.

You could break off a branch. There are so many of them, surely no one would notice. Are you going to do it? Or would you rather keep the splendour intact?