Still enchanted by all the different sensations, you make your way to the bar. The bartender, who could be the bouncer’s twin brother, hands you a fascinating blue drink and gives you a wink. As you cautiously take a sip, there is a taste explosion in your mouth. Sweet and fruity, it’s the best drink you’ve ever tasted.

“Pretty good, isn’t it?”

You look around and spot a man who looks like a young god: well-defined muscles, a sharply cut face, blue eyes and blond, styled hair. And his smile… His name is Luca and soon you find yourself in the most fascinating conversation you’ve had in a long time. The hours just melt away, which isn’t just because it feels like the golden butterflies are now fluttering in your stomach.

Finally, as dawn is already breaking outside, he confides a secret to you: The DeModie and everyone in it are cursed. All of a sudden, everything you’ve experienced in here makes sense. You ask if there isn’t a way to break the curse and Luca sighs, “Only if a girl dances with one of us every night for a year and a day the curse shall be lifted.”

You would love to be the one. The connection between the two of you is undeniable and you feel yourself falling in love with him a little more with every passing moment.

Take the test and find out if love alone is enough to rescue your Prince Charming.

Want to start over or find out how Sophie fared?

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