Spirit Seeker Complete Box Set

Spirit Seeker Complete Box Set
eBook: $9.99
Series: Spirit Seeker, Book 6
Genre: Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 9781991172907

Angry nature spirits. Stubborn elite soldiers. A homeless girl is all that stands between them, but which side will she take?

The Complete Spirit Seeker Series in one set

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About the Book

Angry nature spirits. Stubborn elite soldiers. A homeless girl is all that stands between them, but which side will she take?


Rika can talk to spirits. For her, it has always been natural, but most people can’t see the many nature spirits inhabiting Europe’s wild places. They’re the ones behind wild weathers and natural disasters. To Rika, they’re her friends.

Eight years ago, the police took her Mum and sent Rika to a youth home. Two months later, Rika escaped. She’s been living on the streets of Berlin ever since, finding shelter from friendly bush dryads and warmth during long winter nights from fiery salamanders. But when she crosses the Erlking, a powerful storm sprite, Rika’s only chance are the Spirit Seekers, elite soldiers in the war against nature. And her spirit friends’ bitter enemies. To face the storm, Rika must pick a side and relinquish all hopes for peace.


If you like fast-paced adventure, action-packed urban fantasy with unique creatures, and secret societies, you’ll love the Spirit Seekers. This series will take you on a supernatural sight-seeing tour around Europe. In this collection, you will find the complete series plus the prequel: Natural Selection.


“The author has woven an intricate tapestry of fantasy in the modern world, offering the reader a true delight.” – J, Amazon reviewer

“I loved the story! It was a unique story involving adventure, drama, and war.” – Dani, Amazon reviewer

“Awesomely original – urban fantasy at its best!” – Mrs H J Green reviewer

“This is a wonderful work of art! The characters the story line the whole thing is beautiful!” – Tammy, Amazon reviewer


Included in this collection are:

A Force of Nature (Spirit Seeker Book 1)

Natural Enemies (Spirit Seeker Book 2)

Back to Nature (Spirit Seeker Book 3)

Against Human Nature (Spirit Seeker Book 4)

Natural Disaster (Spirit Seeker Book 5)

Natural Selection (A Spirit Seeker Book Prequel)

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