Natural Enemies

Natural Enemies
$9.99eBook: $3.99
Series: Spirit Seeker, Book 2
Genre: Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 9780473588540
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About the Book

He wages war against spirits. She wants to save them.

A few days ago, Rika was the hero of the day, saving Berlin from the Erlking. Now, Wulf has returned – the legendary commander of the Berlin Spirit Seekers. Not only does she feel redundant, but her views on spirits clash spectacularly with Wulf’s. He wants to defeat every single one of them; she wants to defend them.
Then Budapest calls for help. Water spirits of immeasurable power are threatening the beautiful city along the Danube. Eager to reconnect with her Hungarian roots, Rika accompanies Wulf as he travels East. Connecting with spirits always came easy to her, but these new spirits are everything the Spirit Seekers told her they’d be: dangerous, aggressive, and full of hate.

Join the Spirit Seekers as they travel to Hungary in their wettest adventure yet. Get your copy now to find out whether Rika finds her voice or is drowned out.

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