A River of Magic

A River of Magic
$14.99eBook: $5.99
Bücherserien: Ashuan (English), Ashuan Greed, Book 2
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Veröffentlicht im Jahre: 2022
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Über dieses Buch

When dark secrets are revealed, everybody gets hurt

Samantha has always longed for three things: great friends, true magic, and someone who gives her butterflies. Recently, she and her new friends defeated a powerful demon, which finally set her magic free. With two things off her list, the third is waiting just around the corner.
Daniel is smart, a really good singer, and funny. He makes Samantha fall in love fast and hard. But not everybody is happy for her, and with an ancient prophecy set to derail everybody’s life, a friend’s dark secret might just destroy Samantha’s.

A River of Magic is the second instalment of the action-packed urban fantasy series for fans of Buffy, Charmed, or the Vampire Diaries.

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