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What’s better than a new Urban Fantasy Series? A free Urban Fantasy Book, of course! Read on, and I’ll tell you, how to get your free eBook. But first, let me tell you about this new shiny series, called Spirit Seeker, I’ve been working on for the last eight months.

Spirit Seeker is an action-packed series that takes you on a journey through Europe. Since the dawn of times, spirits such as dryads, sylphs, and salamanders have caused natural disasters and catastrophic weather events. In short, nature has declared war on humans, and the spirit seekers are here to answer that call. My spirit seekers are elite soldiers trained to fight against spirits that are largely invisible to all but the most talented seekers. In the free prequel, you will meet the best of the best as they attempt to stop a volcanic eruption.

My main series revolves around Rika, a young woman who has always seen spirits and struck the occasional deal with them. She’s been living on the streets for eight years when she meets the spirit seekers and gets recruited on the spot. But not before she comes face to face with the Erlking, an ancient spirit that has killed anyone who looked him in the eye. Well, Rika isn’t known for her good luck, I fear.

Preorder A Force of Nature (Spirit Seeker Book 1)

Book Cover of A Force of Nature (Spirit Seeker Book 1)Book 1 is due to release on August 20th. You can check it out here.

To see the Erlking’s face is to see your own death

Nature spirits have ravaged the world with natural disasters for millennia. They’re dangerous, unpredictable, and largely invisible. After eight years living on the streets, Rika is one of the few people in the world that can see them. Most of the time, she keeps a fragile peace with them, but when the Erlking, a powerful storm sprite, attacks Berlin, Rika is drawn into the war against nature.
She joins the spirit seekers, a group of elite soldiers trained to defend Berlin and other cities around the world from nature’s wrath. Currently bereaved of their acting commander, the spirit seekers look to Rika to be their eyes, but when Rika befriends a young sylph, she isn’t even sure she wants to fight spirits. Her hand is forced when she comes face to face with the Erlking though, an incident that can have only one possible outcome: her death.

Join the Spirit Seekers in their first, stormy adventure and start your European journey today!


What’s in store for the Spirit Seekers?

Five big adventures in five European capitals. Rika’s journey starts in Berlin, my hometown. In the course of the series, she will also visit Budapest (so much yummy food!), Dublin (druids!), Rome (ruins and history!), and Brussels (see the EU in action!). She will make lots of friends, spirits and humans alike, and even more enemies. All five books will come out in quick succession from August 20th with a book each month. But it gets even better because you’ll get a sixth book for free.

That’s right, you can read the Spirit Seeker Prequel – A Natural Selection for free!

Book Cover of Natural Selection (A Spirit Seeker Prequel)


Nature has declared war on us, and we’re here to answer that call.

Wulf might be the greatest spirit seeker the agency that leads the war against nature has to offer. A new mission calls him and other elite spirit seekers to Italy where they face off against an active volcano. Two thousand years ago, Vesuvius obliterated the city of Pompeii. Now the fire spirit has set his eyes on Naples.

Leading the spirit seekers into the volcano, Wulf begins to realise that his biggest challenge might not be the spirits but keeping this group of big egos in check. Tensions rise as the heat is turned up and one false move could spell out their death.


Join the Spirit Seekers in this prequel to meet the greatest of them all in action


Click the above book and go get your free book! Join me on this European journey come August!

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