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Hell Hath no Ambition (Ashuan Lust 2)

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Hell hath no ambition like a demon in politics

Jan had one hell of a year. First he lost his job, then he almost died, and now his parents are kicking him out. The last thing he needs on top of all that are Matt’s demon brothers wreaking havoc in Greenvalley.

It’s already nearly impossible to find a place to rent when you have no money; it’s absolutely hopeless when a magical storm blows through your town, you have to deal with snow-witch squatters, and possession by an ancient evil spirit. But Jan’s done being the butt of every demon’s joke. He’s determined to make a life for himself, monsters be damned.

If there’s one thing he’s learnt from demons, it’s that if you want to get ahead, you need to fight for your dues. Or die trying.

Hell Hath no Ambition is the fifth book of the action-packed Ashuan series, continuing the Ashuan Lust trilogy. If you like Buffy’s wit and snarky one-liners, the magic of Charmed, and the supernatural drama of the Vampire Diaries, you’ll love this monster-hunter urban fantasy series.

Buy Hell Hath no Ambition now to discover what adventures are in store for the Greenvalley Crew in their sophomore season.

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