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A Spring of Magic (Ashuan Greed 3)

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Preorder! Book will release on January 6, 2023.

When reality turns into a nightmare, a dreamer might be their only chance.

After saving her friends in the dreamworld, Rachel sets out to live in the real world. But with the Archdemon of Greed eager to steal Greenvalley’s magic, an ancient prophecy promising the end of the world, and half of her friends still hating each other, reality isn’t exactly a pleasant place.
When her town starts descending into hell, and her friends lose all hope, Rachel has to find a way to make her dreams for a better future come true. Can she find her powers in time to stop greed take it all, or will her life become an endless nightmare?

A Spring of Magic is the gripping finale of the action-packed Ashuan Greed trilogy. If you liked the Buffy’s wit and snarky one-liners, the magic of Charmed, or the supernatural drama of the Vampire Diaries, you’ll love this new urban fantasy series.

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