Hell Hath no Fury

Hell Hath no Fury
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Series: Ashuan (English), Ashuan Lust, Book 1
Genre: Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 9781738616077

Hell hath no fury like a brother scorned

Book 1 of the Ashuan Lust trilogy (Ashuan 4)

About the Book

Hell hath no fury like a brother scorned

Last year was hell. And Matt grew up there. Just as he’s begun to learn what it means to be human, his demon mother tempts him with a life-changing offer. Problem is, he’s not the only one she’s offered it to.

As Matt returns to Greenvalley for another year of school, love, and monster hunts, his half-brothers are out for blood. One has a thousand years more experience than him, while the other hunts humans for sport.

With his friends caught in the crossfire, lying low is not an option. But to accept the challenge, he’ll have to give up his hard-fought humanity, and with that, his life in Greenvalley, his friends, and the human girl he’s somehow fallen in love with.

Hell Hath no Fury is the fourth book of the action-packed Ashuan series, kicking off the Ashuan Lust trilogy. If you like Buffy’s wit and snarky one-liners, the magic of Charmed, and the supernatural drama of the Vampire Diaries, you’ll love this monster-hunter urban fantasy series.

Buy Hell Hath no Fury now to discover what adventures are in store for the Greenvalley Crew as they enter their sophomore season.

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