Ghosts of the Resistance

Ghosts of the Resistance
$12.99eBook: $3.99
Series: Parisian Ghosts, Book 3
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publication Year: March 2024
ASIN: B0CP7894H9
ISBN: 9781738616053

I’ve given the ghosts everything. Now they’re coming for my powers.

About the Book

I’ve given the ghosts everything. Now they’re coming for my powers.


All my life, I’ve talked to ghosts, helped them fulfil their last wishes, and made friends with them. I thought I had a good grip on the afterlife. Boy, was I wrong. There are things afoot in the beyond that make my nightmares have nightmares.

After wiping a powerful ghost from existence, his followers are out for blood. My blood. As if that weren’t bad enough, my allies cannot be trusted. Down in the catacombs, the Knight of Bones is seizing control of powerful ghost dwellings for reasons that make my stomach turn. Meanwhile my acquaintances at GoPol have branded me an unnecessary risk to be exterminated.

My only chance of escaping with my life and my powers intact is to join the Resistance. If I can’t convince the rogue ghosts and whisperers hiding in the old bunkers of Paris to help me, I’ll lose everything. My ghost friends, my ability, but most importantly, the love of my life.


Urban Fantasy with a French twist. If you like cave-crawling adventures, hopeless romantics, and ghosts, you’ll enjoy Ghosts of the Resistance, the third book of the Parisian Ghosts series. Travel to Paris today to embark on your catacomb adventure.

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