A Drop of Blood

A Drop of Blood
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Series: Ashuan (English), Ashuan Greed, Book 1.5
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publication Year: July 2023
ISBN: 9781738616046

Magic, Vampires & Family Drama

An Ashuan Greed Bonus Adventure

About the Book

Magic, Vampires & Family Drama

Since arriving in Greenvalley, Lucille has made new friends, discovered she’s a witch, and started hunting monsters. Her life seems perfect, apart from the occasional life-and-death situation. But there’s one thing she’s sorely missing: her father’s affection.

When a vampire coven takes up residence in the crypts of Greenvalley Cemetery, Lucille and her friends take up the fight. However, everything changes when she encounters the charming Count Artorius and his daughter Isabelle. Despite being undead, his coven offers more love and affection than Lucille’s father ever had. Lucille yearns to join his coven, but to do so, she must die.

A Drop of Blood is a bonus adventure in the action-packed YA urban fantasy series, Ashuan Greed. It takes place between part 3 and 4 of A Drop of Magic, but can be read as a standalone. Grab this free adventure filled with danger, longing, and the search for one’s true identity today.

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