• 4 Märchenadaptionen: Fallen Queen (Ana Woods), Das Reich der sieben Höfe (Sarah J. Maas), Im Bann der zertanzten Schuhe (Janna Ruthe), Es war einmal ... ganz anders (Märchenspinnerei)
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    5 ways to retell a classic fairy-tale

    As humans, we have been loving fairy-tales since forever. Oftentimes they follow a simple structure, which makes them easy to remember and repeat. Almost as long as there have been fairy-tales, we have had retellings. Cinderella alone has a dozen different versions all over Europe and Hans Christian Andersen has written some of the most beautiful retellings, such as “the wild swans”. Fairy-tales’ simple elements are the perfect base for current topics, perceptions and inspirations. Keeping with Hans Christian Andersen here, almost all his tales are deeply religious, which is not the case with the originals. Today, we wish for emotions, depth and complex characters. That is the beauty of…

  • Drei Paar Schuhe über einem Kabel
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    Retelling the worn-out dancing shoes

    Like all Märchenspinner, I chose the “new interpretation” type of retelling, when I started to write “Under the Spell of the worn-out Dancing Shoes”. Personally, I love to incorporate as many elements of the original tale as possible. Some of them are barely mentioned and there are those that didn’t fit in the interpretation, but in the end, the original “The worn-out Dancing Shoes” is well recognisable and the plot stays is pretty true to the original one. Nevertheless, it is also completely different and the fairy-tale provides the mere skeleton for the actual story. What if? Like most retellings, my story began with this all deciding question. In my…

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