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Ghosts of the Crusade

Parisian Ghosts 2
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Lies, deception, and betrayal — if you thought the living were bad, wait until you meet the dead.

After narrowly escaping the catacombs of Paris, I plan to stay away from ghosts. I will, right after I’ve settled a newly departed in the afterlife, got rid of the ghost police unit who have taken an interest in my talents, and completed on last favour. Of course, with my luck, that last favour is a bitch.

Somehow I promised the last Grandmaster of the Templars, who was burned at the stake for devil worship, an introduction to my famous dead friends at the Panthéon. Before I know it, I’m chasing lost treasures, righting seven-century-old wrongs, and getting sucked into a spectral power struggle that could forever blur the lines between life and death.

Everybody wants my help, but not all of them need me alive.

Urban Fantasy with a French twist. If you like cave-crawling adventures, hopeless romantics, and ghosts, you'll enjoy Ghosts of the Crusade, the second book of the Parisian Ghosts series. Travel to Paris today to embark on your catacomb adventure.

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