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Back to Nature (Spirit Seeker Book 3)

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Some things are better left in the past, especially when they’re spirits with a grudge.

Rika has proven herself a true spirit seeker – one that protects and communicates with spirits. And finally, Wulf seems to be on board with the changes. After finding a mention in an old diary, the Berlin Team is off to Dublin to investigate the connection between druids and spirit seekers.
For several years now, Dublin has reported no major spirit attacks, making them an anomaly in the SSA. But if Rika and the others thought, they’d be welcomed, they are sorely disappointed. Dublin’s spirit seekers mistrust Wulf and refuse their help when it comes to digging up the early history of the SSA. It is up to Rika to earn their trust, but the more she learns the more she begins to doubt Wulf and her place in his team. And if that weren’t enough, the city is suddenly under attack by vengeful dryads.

Watch the Spirit Seekers grow as they travel to Ireland and get your copy now to find out who’s friend or foe.

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