Welcome to Greenvalley High

Greenvalley High is on the southern side of the little mountain river that runs through the town. It consists of a sprawling arrangement of low-rise buildings with one larger complex in the middle. After months in the sun, the grass has turned yellow, but the trees are still green. It is a pretty, almost village-like school that is crawling with students aged from twelve to nineteen.

You enter through the gate behind three teenagers. One is a lanky ginger boy, the other two are girls. The one with a head of black curls presses a book to her chest and seems a little annoyed with the guy. “Just because you’re afraid of magic, doesn’t mean it exists,” she says.

“I don’t care if it exists. I don’t want anything to do with magic,” he sounds just as exasperated. “Not everyone has dreamed of becoming a witch their whole life.” He turns to the third, a mousy girl with long braids. “Did you?”

She keeps her head down and shakes her head, unwilling to pick sides in what sounds like an old squabble between friends.

Magic. Does magic truly exist?

Just then, your attention is called elsewhere as people begin to talk about the most recent arrival. Someone has a lot of money. There is a girl who literally gets out of a limousine. The sleek black car holds up half the school traffic. At least, she has the decency to look embarrassed of her big entrance. Poor thing probably never had a choice.

Behind her a group of teenagers gets off the bus, joking and jostling their way to school. One of them, a buff guy lights a cigarette in plain sight of the school building. That one wouldn’t be caught dead in a limousine. The rich girl certainly won’t invite him. She waves her hand to shoo away the smoke and quickly distances herself from the group.

You turn back around and run into something. Your bag goes flying, scattering your stuff on the path. Both of you go down to pick up the things. “So sorry,” a surprisingly melodic voice says. You look up into the prettiest face you’ve ever seen on a guy. Wow! A guy like that goes here?

He hands you your stuff with a little wink, and you’re pretty sure your soul has just left your body. Your voice definitely has, because he’s up and away before you can say something.

With magic and good-looking guys school has definitely got a lot more interesting.

Find out, which character you’re most like before you go to classes.


After that, it’s time to visit the Magic Circle or take a walk in the forest.