The Rivers of Magic

Magic is all around us. It flows around the world on invisible rivers, providing us with life and growth. While the rivers are endless, they do come across each other. Such nodal points are called springs of magic. Those magical places are usually full of plant life and when you look closer, magical life. Nearly every magical creature will feel attracted to these nodal points, so there is no wonder that you find monsters as well as witches and other casters in abundance in these areas.

While many people and creatures can feel the magic, only few can see it and only fewer can touch and wield it directly. There are a number of magical talents that call upon magic in all its shapes and colours, but only green witches can weave pure magic into spells. They can shape the strands into whatever spell they need, from innocent growth spells to tight webs that choke all life of a being. The possibilities are endless.

One such spring of magic lies in the forests around Greenvalley. It is believed to be the cause of the town’s evergreen myth…


A spring of magic here in town? It’s time to visit the forest.