Leaving Greenvalley

You’ve seen the school, you’ve seen the quaint little shops, and you got the fright of your life when you stumbled over a creature straight from hell in the forest. As lovely as the town looks on the outside, there are some real dangers lurking in the shadows. And you prefer not to get too involved. You’re quite ready to leave Greenvalley behind. Or are you?


The End


Did you enjoy your adventure (despite that frightening hellhound encounter)? Greenvalley has many more waiting for you (if you’re up to it). Check out A Drop of Magic now to meet the Six and follow their magical adventures.


Magic, Demons & High School Drama

All Lucille ever wanted was a perfectly normal high school experience, but her town doesn’t do normal. Not when a few Latin words set her hand on fire, the entire town gets possessed by evil spirits, and the cute guy she’s got her eyes on brings a freaking sword to the battle.
Now Lucille has to make a decision: return to her cushy, and safe, life-style at the boarding school, or face the monsters that hunt her and the magic that lurks inside of her.

A Drop of Magic is the first of this action-packed YA fantasy series with the wit of Buffy, the magic of Charmed, and all the drama of the Vampire Diaries.

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