Fire, Water, Wind & Air: The Secrets of Elemental Magic

The power of the elements. Is there anything more impressive then a mage bending fire or water to their will? Someone who can shake the earth and call upon the wind?

Elemental magic is surprisingly common. It almost always shows itself in early childhood. At that stage, the magic is mostly harmless and often wielded like a toy. At some time in early puberty, the elemental mage suffers an elemental fever. This affliction is life-threatening. While only 0.5% of children die, 99.999% of the surviving children lose access to their magic.

Thus, grown elemental mages are incredibly rare.

When the magic first reappears, it is often tied to strong emotions. Those emotions can be anger, fear, or great joy. An elemental mage then needs to learn to keep his emotions in check, yet also be able to call onto their element while not in an unstable emotional state…


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