Creatures from Hell: A Guide to Demons

The most interesting bit about demons is that, once long ago, demons were human. They have been corrupted by black magic and turned into what is essentially a super human with no discernible moral code. Instead they are ruled by the Seven Deadly Sins.

A demon is physically stronger than humans and has self-healing powers that prevent aging and dying from age. That doesn’t mean demons become terribly old as they hunt and kill each other regularly. Most demons also have a pair of bat-like wings, can shoot black magic from their hands, and have the ability to jump through space—or as humans call it, teleport.

Demons live in hell, which they call Hescaryn: a world without a sky and as deadly as its inhabitants (though beautiful according to those who survived a trip). Cities and important structures are usually found in caves so big they usually have a micro-climate. The rest of hell is a dark and dangerous system of tunnels, called the dûr lôrac. Even the most powerful demons generally avoid these tunnels if they don’t have to use them.


The book is a mighty tome that covers each of the seven deadly sins, demon towns, the demon class system, and important places such as the Gardens of Hell and the City of Youth. After reading just a little bit, you already know that you never want to meet a demon. As cool as they sound, you probably won’t survive the first five minutes.


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